Technical Advice

Technical Advice


As a member of AA Kenya you can rest your mind assured that just a phone call to AA Kenya will get you all the reliable technical advice you need. It's reassuring to know that you can call always on AA Kenya experts when grappling with technical questions like:


Why does the clutch cable keep snapping?

What is the relationship between fuel consumption, gear usage and vehicle running costs?

Our experts provide the answers free of charge



Post Accident Assistance

Ever been involved in an accident? - AA Kenya will be there for your convenience


Our Call and Control Centres organise for the police to come to the accident scene

AA Kenya sends a stand-by service car to keep you company and if need be collect the police

AA Kenya manages the accident scene to ensure safety for you and others on the road

AA Kenya provides you with an insurance claim form

We tow the vehicle to the police station or a garage of your choice

Become an AA member



Become an AA member