Legal Advice

Legal Advice

Do You Know Your Rights and Obligations as a Motorist?


AA Kenya provides free legal advice to members on matters pertaining to use and ownership of a motor vehicle. Motorists are therefore requested to consult the association as and when they require any assistance on issues relating to the automobile.


Any valid AA Kenya member may consult the association's lawyer for legal advise free of charge. However these services do not extend to legal representation.


Did you know that


A vehicle owner is liable for the mistakes and negligence of the driver who is authorised to drive the vehicle?

The pedestrian always has the right of way?

If charged with a traffic offence that is a misdemeanor it is wise to insist on being given the summons?

It is unwise to hasten to acknowledge liability when involved in an accident, when the consequences become heavier to your detriment?

Driving while talking on a cell phone without a head set is an offense?

You should always consult AA Kenya whenever you are in a legal motoring predicament for advice?

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