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Joining AA Kenya will assure you a comfortable, stress-free motoring experience.

We go as far as providing post-accident assistance to AA Kenya members. By enrolling as an AA Kenya member you will enjoy a host of benefits free of charge.

Within the various membership categories, you are invited to choose the one that best suits your needs.
Founder Members   Members whose membership of the association has continued without interruption, since December 1919
Honorary Members   Distinguished visitors to Kenya may be invited by the Governing Council to become Honorary Members
Life Members   Ordinary or Founder Members may, provided that vacancies exists, become Life Members of the association, except that no person shall be eligible to become a Life Member unless he/she has completed 10 years as an Ordinary Member. Enrollment fee : 45,000.00 Kshs
Annual Subscription fee : 0.00 Kshs
Ordinary Members  

Persons who have been duly accepted as Ordinary Members on payment of the requisite fees. In the case of a married couple, where either the husband or the wife is a member, the benefits of membership shall extend to the spouse of the member at a reduced fee. Enrollment fee: 500.00 Kshs Annual Subscription fee: 4000.00 Kshs

Senior Members  

Members of the association who have attained the age of 60 years. Enrollment fee: 500.00 Kshs Annual Subscription fee: 2000.00 Kshs

Junior Members  

Members of the association who are aged between seventeen and twenty five years. Enrollment fee : 500.00 Kshs Annual Subscription fee : 2000.00 Kshs

Absentee Members  

Members of the association who have left Kenya permanently and are resident outside Kenya. Any absentee member who visits Kenya and remains in Kenya for more than 3 months shall pay the subscription of an Ordinary Member for the year from the expiry of that period and thereafter annually as long as he/she remains in Kenya. Enrollment fee : 0.00 Kshs Annual Subscription fee : 2000.00 Kshs

Temporary Members  

Visitors to Kenya shall be granted Temporary Membership of the association for a period not exceeding six months. Enrollment fee: 0.00 Kshs
Annual Subscription fee: 2000.00 Kshs

Corporate Members  

A company, firm or association having minimum five employees may propose all or any of its employees (but no less than five) as Corporate Members. The company, firm or association shall pay one consolidated and reduced entrance fee and graduated annual subscriptions. Enrollment fee : 5000 Kshs Annual Subscription fee : From 3300 to 3700 Kshs

Commercial Members  

A company, firm or association owning a fleet of not less than five vehicles registered in the name of the company. Enrollment fee: 10,000 Kshs
Annual Subscription fee: From 1000 to 2000 Kshs depending on the number of vehicles

Schemes Members   A company, firm or institution may enter into partnership with AA Kenya on behalf of their clients
AA Plus Membership  

AA Plus is designed for a higher segment of the market with enhanced benefits. Annual Subscription fee : 10000 KES

Flying Doctors  

This membership category enjoys one air rescue within Kenya per year free of charge. Annual Subscription fee : 5000.00 KES

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