Learn to Drive with us

Always insist on a driving tuition that ensures confidence on the road. Being the oldest driving school in Kenya, AA Kenya Driving School has offered quality driving instruction to thousands of students every year since 1962. Our 22 countrywide branches all have a well established driving school. AA Kenya Driving Schools have become some of the most respected on the continent for their thorough curriculum and commitment to safe and responsible driving. A number of automobile clubs in other African countries wishing to start their own driving schools have consulted AA Kenya for assistance, and we have been happy to share our expertise.

Besides the in depth curriculum for beginners, the AA Kenya Driving Schools conduct driving assessments of experienced drivers for proficiency before employment, and conducts defensive driver courses tailor made to suit client firms. Indeed, most companies now refer their would-be drivers to an AA Kenya Driving School for assessment before hiring.

Being a role model for safe and responsible drivers and as a way of ensuring that we have competent drivers and motorists on our roads, AA Kenya has decided to offer driving lessons to all adult Kenyans including university and college students.

The goal is to have as many as possible train with the best driving school in Kenya.We invite you to choose the course that best suits your needs.

NOTE: Applicable NTSA fee’s Kshs 2,200/- for Provisional Driving License, Test Booking and Interim Driving License is exclusive of AA Driving School fees and applies for all driving and riding categories.